Silence opens the door into the hidden mystery.

We came in silence. Humble hearts of innocence held by inner landscapes of beyond.

Since the early morning of ancient days love has dwelled within our blood. We came to remember. Silently we breathe and heal our way back into the sacred heart of all life.

Eternal echoes of wisdom is hidden within the stillness of the sacred heart. Golden patterns of love. A tender touch, an inner kiss anchored in the spirit of the soul. The sweetness of God. 

As we journey along we unravel all the threads of wisdom woven into silent sacred space. We call upon unknown depths of invisible whispers rooted in the mystery of love, mercy and divine grace. 

Come, let us breathe. Silence is an innate quality of the heart. Let the magic happen. 

The map is within my heart, an inner humble voice spoken to me. A sacred whisper of beyond in which life is painted. Love is my medicine. Silence is my prayer. The written words a pure reflection of a silent soul travelling along in life to unfold her spirit.

Copyright © Luna Lone Stryhn