Silence of the heart is necessary

So you can hear God everywhere.

                                                  Mother Teresa

An echo in the heart.

The universe is wowen together by divine, silent love. Oneness is a living reality. A living presence. We are not separated from the Earth. We are not separated from each other. On a very deep level we breathe the same breath. It is the magic of life.

A sacred mystery. An echo in the heart. It is an inherent memory, invisible threads of wisdom are woven into the silent depths of of our soul. An endless space, we are showered by countless blessings of anchored love and intimate grace.  

Waves of silence

Depths of an embrace

An ocean of love

I plant my heart

Among the waves 

In the silent touch 

Of thy eternal grace

True medicine comes from stillness.

God came to me in silence.

In solitude I have travelled far and long, not lonely and yet alone held by a silence like a child is held and protected by the womb of her mother. 

On the edge of life in moments of deep despair, my only choice has been to give up upon my savage mind and the suffering, it carried along with my physical pain and let myself fall into the palms of silence. Into the palms of grace and the mysterious experience of a silent divine eternal space. It has been deep surrendering, each time on a level deeper into the depths of a silence.

God came to me in silence. She removed the veil of illusion and revealed herself to me. In a mystical way she came, when I needed her most, caught by my longing to arrive home. In a tender divine embrace she met me, she held me in an eternal love so vast and auspicious, that I found myself giving my all to her.

In silence I merged into her compassion and grace. No coming, no going. No beginning, no end. No pain, no prison of deluded beliefs. No questions and doubts, no judgement, no blame, no shame, no holding back what was meant to flow. What was broken became so softly mend. I placed my heart in her shelter. Knew, I was never alone. I surrendered held by the intimate taste of her life. Her breath. The sense of belonging. The sense of being home.

True medicine comes from stillness. In silence we give space for God. We gives space for her divine touch, her sacred voice and the blessings of her love. In her embrace we heal our way back home. All the busy stories, we often allow to define who we are, vanish like waves in an ocean. We recognize our true intimate nature beyond all.

Silence is my sacred anchor in life as an always alert innermost presence within me, around me, close and yet far like the breath of God breathing through all. Held by the depths of silence the feeling of me turns into spacious dance of wholeness held by humble threads of silent love. All woven together in a mystical unity without any hint of borders that separate, what is meant to be One.


Silence is just another word for God.

In the depths of silence there is this deep, deep presence of love too, like these two are the same. They merge within each other. Silence and love. Beyond all they hold hands like two being one.

Silence is just another word for God. God is just another word for love. Love is the string of life that holds the whole existence together.

True medicine comes from stillness.