Silence of the heart is necessary

So you can hear God everywhere

                                                  Mother Teresa

An echo in the heart

The universe is wowen together by divine, silent love. Oneness is a living reality. A living presence. We are not separated from the Earth. We are not separated from each other. On a very deep level we breathe the same breath. It is the magic of life.

It is an inherent memory; invisible threads of wisdom are woven into the depths of silence. An endless space, we are showered by countless blessings of anchored love and grace. 

An echo in the heart; like an endless prayer silence breathes within the sacred mystery of life; we bring birth to an inner sacred space in which the humble spirit of love will rise.



Love is the string of life that holds the whole existence together

In the depths of silence there is this deep, deep presence of love too, like these two are the same. They merge within each other. Silence and love. Beyond all they hold hands like two being one.

We came in silence, wandering souls of beyond. Since the early morning of ancient days love has dwelled within our blood. We came to remember. Silently we heal our way back into the heart of life.