Silence of the heart is necessary

So you can hear God everywhere

                                                Mother Teresa

Somewhere deep 

Within silence

There is a field of love

Quiet healing

It embraces me

Dissolves every limit

Between me and life

Where I begin

Where I end

I no longer know

I am here and there

And nowhere



Like an open wide space silence embraces the whole existence in its subtle arms. Never coming, never leaving; but always present and sincerely aware.

Silence is the space in which everything appears. Every breath, every life, even the noisy world. When silence is truly rooted within, it will not be disturbed by the sound and chaos of the outer world.


No words are needed

When silence speaks


Inner awareness is born in the ability to be silent. Divine wisdom is spoken without any words at all. In the depths of silence an abundant presence of divinity breathes and showers us in countless blessings of love.

Let silence heal you

Let silence be your prayer


By surrendering into the depths of silence we heal our inner wounds and bring mercy upon the soul. If we know this inner feeling of rest, this inner peaceful space of silence in which we are embraced by pure love, we know home.

The deeper I enter silence

The louder it sounds

Silence is more presence

Than absence

Silence is home

In the depths of silence there is this deep, deep presence of love too, like these two are the same. They merge within each other. Silence and love. Beyond all they hold hands like two being One.

We are all One

There is a space within so deep in which silence is born. In every breath we are in touch with that inner space. But we forget to listen. We separate ourselves from our inner breath and the seeds, that are planted within in the purpose to make us grow in bliss and love.

To separate ourselves from the essence of existence is the greatest pain of all. In the heart of being, in the essence of silence, in the essence of life and love there is no separation. It is all an illusion.

You are loved

Know that you will be received by love the moment you sincerely choose to return home to your natural state of being. Love is the string of life, which holds the whole existence together. You are held by love and the existence. The only path you shall walk is within.