Silent prayers; a touch of life & poetry.


Life places us in circumstances, which looks like memories from the past to make us heal the wounds, which onces were planted. On the surface it looks like our broken pieces become scattered even more ... but look deeper and see that we are moving into a new beautiful pattern within our hearts, which is held by the core of love.

The truth always reveals itself. Brave is the one who embraces the fiercely memories of a long hidden truth and allows love to weave its sacred presence into life.


Since the early morning of ancient days our souls have been mingled into each other, just like threads are woven carefully together creating a beautiful blanket of silk. Soft sheltered by love ...   are you ready to receive what is given to you? 


India calls upon my soul again and I am granted the gift of a new travel. I leave Denmark in the end of February and among more I join the International Yoga Festival Marts 2018 in Rishikesh. To purify my heart and call upon new waters of wisdom, love and grace. To bring forth the true colour of life and illuminate the path planted within my blood. Silence is prayer; love is home. 



To see all life as an universal pattern of colourful threads which merge and make this beautiful blanket in which we move, touch and effect each other in a magical divine dance. 

The space in which you breathe is the space in which I breathe too. Beyond all there is no you and me; we are all One and children of a beautiful divine love story upon Earth.


How can we hide, when the voice within is bigger than ourselves; when the world shakes us in pieces and the soul is aching and yearning for a deeper connection beyond the surface of all?

How can we walk away, when all we wish is to celebrate life in an endless space of love? I see you, my child. I love you.