Reflections of a life lived in the breath of silence & love


The silent sacred space in which we find ourselves embraced and touched by divine love, exits and breathes beyond words and can only be experienced by a silent wordless awareness. Be empty and make space; allow yourself to be touched beyond measure. Stillness opens the heart of joy and paints the sacred color of love within our blood.


To see all life as an universal pattern of colourful threads which merge and make this beautiful blanket in which we move, touch and effect each other in a magical divine dance. 

The space in which you breathe is the space in which I breathe too. Beyond all there is no you and me; we are all One and children of a beautiful divine love story upon Earth.


How can we hide, when the voice within is bigger than ourselves; when the world shakes us in pieces and the soul is aching and yearning for a deeper connection beyond the surface of all?

How can we walk away, when all we wish is to celebrate life in an endless space of love? I see you, my child. I love you.