In the land

Of no shadows

She walks with

Her naked soul

Listening to a whisper

From a land of gold


Come and share with me

Your heart and soul

Trust my mercy

Let me you behold



Where the mountains end

Where life merges

In eternity

Time loses its sense


Without purpose

In the spirit

Of the unknown

Whispering in silence


That you are home

A silent breeze

So beautiful release

A taste of life

So sweet

To be alive


A whisper in my soul

My beloved

Let me you behold

Your soul is free


Let us see


The art of love

A touch of God

How can you be

So close and silent

Within me

Open space

Open hearts



A prayer within

A whisper

Without words

Mere this being

The breath of life

Circles in the water

I dive deep

Only touching the surface

When I need to breathe

Being under water

Or above

It doesn´t really matter

As long as I love

Life is free

I just wish to be

A circle in the water

I dive deep

She held his hand

They crossed the land

Stars above

A feeling of love


They reached the ocean

The edge of life

Merging souls

An universe whole


The morning came

She called his name

You are not alone

Come follow home


He held her hand

They crossed the land

And life was free

Now breathe and be

Be grateful

You are in a rose garden


You are in the middle

Of a storm

Enjoy too

Breathe and see

You are as free

As you dare to be


Let your heart

Be wide open

Allow light and love

To enter

Take my hand


Let us grow stronger

Let the seeds of love


Let the light shine


Do not fear

I will always

Be here

Light is love

Love is wisdom

Stay close



The sound of silence

Is so profound

It can only be heard

From a deeper level in us

It arises

Like a merciful whisper

Opens a sacred space

In which we heal

Let you be healed

By the light of God

By the presence

Of divinity and love


You are called

By soul and name

Allow your hand

To blaze the flame


Within your heart

There is a home

Come and see

You are not alone


Endless space

Divinity and love

Rise your soul

To the sun above

Like the seeds

Are loved by the soil

In which they germinate

The flowers

Are loved by the bees

Which seek for honey

Like the sun

Is loved by the moon

Water is loved

By the one with thirst

Like a child

Is loved by her mother

You are loved

By existence

Love is the string

Of life

Breathe and know

You are loved

Magical gates to an eternal space

Sacred moments of remembrance


What we were


We became a name

A silent whisper without a shame


Do we walk without a fear

To be heaven ohh so near


Open eyes

See the face

Do we breathe within this endless space


Now stay close

Don´t run away

A silent whisper calls us to stay


Feel the breeze

Dust in the wind

Come walk home

Let life begin

Come my child, don´t be with fear. A shadows shows you, that light is so near. Maybe we dance our steps on our own. Now and then we all feel alone. To walk on the edge, to be with a fall, because we deny our soul, when it calls. In the spirit of the wind there is a song. It tells you by heart, to where you belong. Come my child, walk with me. Be what you are, can´t you see: You are loved by heart and soul. Existence will touch you and make you feel whole. Come and breathe this endless space. You are falling into grace.