In the land

Of no shadows

She walks with

Her naked soul

Listening to a whisper

From a land of gold 


Along the shore 

Smell the ocean

A wave

Time loses its sense


Without a purpose

In the spirit

Of the unknown

A whisper of silence 

We are already home 

Magical space

An eternal grace

Sacred moments of love

Memories before

We became a name

A silent whisper

Without a shame

An open eye

A tender face

Heaven breathes

In the heart of grace

Circles in the water

I dive deep

Only touching the surface

When I need to breathe

Being under water

Or above

It doesn´t really matter

As long as I love

Come my child, don´t be with fear. A shadow shows you, that light is so near. Maybe we dance our steps on our own. Now and then we all feel alone. To walk on the edge, to be with a fall, because we deny our soul, when it calls. In the spirit of the wind there is a song. It tells you by heart, to where you belong. Come my child, walk with me. Be what you are, can´t you see: You are loved by heart and soul. Existence will touch you and make you feel whole. Come and breathe this endless space. You are falling into grace.

Love breathes within the blood

Nourished by the sweetness of God