Walls are burned down

Raw naked innocence 

Reveals our naked hearts

We burst open like stars

We pray while we heal our scars 

I remember all the times 

My life made a change

So visible it all suddenly became

My beloved do you see

All the angel dust that made me be 

A traveller of the human soul

Do you known the sacred land of gold

All the fire in your soul

Why do you let the night

Leave you numb and cold

Let me bring a tender touch

You know I love you so much

It is no longer just a dream. Our burning hearts melt the walls. The blind illusion that holds us as stranger in our own land. The anguished war tears us in pieces. The haze is so deluded. Like dirty dust in the desert sand. But no! Our hearts are not broken. We pray and heal. Uncover a love so free and open. Borders dissolve. Souls are deeply called. Small lights become burning flames. Fire shakes the world. Suddenly we remember the sacred promises wowen into our childhood name. 

Untamed in her essence. Soft in her shape. Strong in her voice. Rooted in her soul, aware of her choice. Her feet are covered slightly by dust. Her soul is the only treasure, she has never lost. She finds her tribe among those, who love the wind. The ocean and sky. She has no other choice. Silently dedicated she lays down her armor. Into the unknown she flies.

In the land

Of no shadows

She walks with

Her naked soul

Listening to a whisper

From a land of gold 

Do you hear the stars at night? My beloved, do you see the moon? Only lovers hear the melody, when the sun shines upon the moon and they dance in its light. Where are you? The one who once entered my heart and touched my soul. Where are you when I need you most? When the call is not just a whisper but a deep vulnerable song of beyond. 

Have you tasted love? Also when it fades away? Somewhere in between the magic happens. We always rise again. In moonlight we dance. True lovers never die.

I saw it all before it came 

An open gate called me 

Silently by name

Do you hear the sacred voice

In a world of so much noise

On your knees 

Do you pray 

When love invites you 

To stay

Call upon the heart of home

Leave all illusion

On the alter of stone

Do we see heaven before we fall? Do we dare to believe our heart when they call? All so fragile. Immensely soft. My eyes became open the day I lost a dream that was never true. Why do you haunt me? I am the truth of you?

Magical space

An eternal grace

Sacred moments of love

Memories before

We became a name

A silent whisper

Without a shame

An open eye

A tender face

Heaven breathes

In the heart of grace

Soft presence. A tender touch. An ocean. Faithful devotion. In the depths of love I hear your voice. Only the heart knows the truth of a choice. Patience and grief. Longing and relief. Life and bliss. The sweetness of a kiss. In the land of silent gold guard my humble soul. Hold my hand. Sacred vows in the unity of a woman and a man. 

Circles in the water

I dive deep

Only touching the surface

When I need to breathe

Being under water

Or above

It does not really matter

As long as I love

You are source. The beam of the sun. I am the shadow behind the tree. You hit me. I melted. The blaze of your spirit touched my heart. Broke it in pieces. Mend it anew. Our love was only known by few. In ecstacy I rose. Never felt heaven so close.