Pilgrim of silence & love. Art & poetry. Stillness of the sacred heart. Mother & priestess. Yogini, mystic & writer. Traveller of the human soul. It is an inherent memory, threads of sacred love are woven into my blood. Humble & dedicated I walk my destiny. 

There is a symphony playing between souls, which purpose is to dissolve every feeling of separateness and loneliness. In oneness we are meant to walk, heart by heart while we look upon the Earth, our home as long as we breathe.

Sincerely drawn towards the mystery of God and my spiritual nature I travelled along in life. Stars above me, the planets, the infinite universe ...   with wonders of an innocent child I was a seeker even before, I knew it. 

A blurred destiny made me choose to an education in health and nutrition. In a wondrous way there is a whole language spoken in the way we choose to nourish ourselves. We only become stronger when we embrace our bodies and purify the life within our blood.

I completed as registered Bach Flower Practitioner BFRP and follow a master path at Tempeldal Living Mastery Centre as well. An ancient whipser of a priestess called upon me to be embodied and unfolded. It was a magical journey, which opened my heart and made me see beyond my inner shadows and fears. Slowly a silent rooted awareness became more visible and deep. I could no longer deny the burning truth hidden within my blood, so fiercely raw and yet so sweet. 

In every step I had an innermost experience of being held by God as a spiritual sacred essence of existence. And so it is today. Silence is my prayer, and a daily practice in yoga, sacred flow and meditation nurture my inner joy and bliss.

With grace and gratitude ...

In the breath of silence I am home.


My innermost sense of who I am is inseparable from silence.