Pilgrim of silence.

Art & poetry. The mystery of love.

Stillness of the sacred heart.

Mother & priestess. Yogini, mystic & writer.

Divine promises. Traveller of spirit & the human soul. 

Ancient memories are woven into my blood.

Humble & dedicated I walk my destiny.

There is a sacred symphony playing, a song of love that lifts the veil of illusion and dissolves every sense of separateness among human souls. In oneness we are meant to walk, heart by heart while we unfold our spirit upon Earth, our home as long as we breathe.

I was only an innocent child, when I felt the first subtle pull towards the mystery of God and my spiritual nature. Stars above me, the planets, the infinite universe, a silent whisper inside, sacred seeds of love that gave me the wisdom of life.

My mother taught me to pray. To seek comfort in spirit, wisdom, compassion and grace. She birthed the faith in me, an innermost experience of being held safe by the light of God. Today I experience God as a sacred bestowed presence of love. 

In silence I seek wisdom. In the infinite lineage of an ancient world. Sacred spoken words of beyond. Anchored in spirit God emerges as love. A love that weaves us all together in peace, illuminated as one. 

The map is within my heart, an inner humble voice spoken to me. A sacred whisper of beyond in which life is painted. Art is my medicine. Silence is my prayer. Love is my devotion and a pure reflection of a silent soul travelling along in life to unfold her spirit. 

With grace and gratitude ...

In the breath of silence I am home.


My innermost sense of who I am is inseparable from silence.