Pilgrim of silence & love. Art & poetry. Stillness of the sacred heart. Mother & priestess. Yogini, mystic & writer. Traveller of the human soul. It is an inherent memory, threads of sacred love are woven into my blood. Humble & dedicated I walk my destiny. 

There is a sacred symphony playing, a song of love that lifts the veil of illusion and dissolve every sense of separateness among human souls. In oneness we are meant to walk, heart by heart while we unfold our spirit upon Earth, our home as long as we breathe.

We hear the song, the subtle rooted melody. Yet, it is a forgotten memory, a silent whisper, a sacred hidden touch. In the lineage of our ancestors, burried in the ancient land of beyond, we find the mystery, we have never lost. 

Sincerely drawn towards the mystery of God and my spiritual nature I travelled along in life. Stars above me, the planets, the infinite universe ...   with wonders of an innocent child I was a seeker even before, I knew it. 

The whisper inside, the seeds of love that gave me life. The holy bliss and yet human mess. While wandering my path I have seen it all. Diving into the desert depths to find the spark of light, that made me dedicated and unfolding alive.

My mother taught me to pray. To seek comfort in spirit, wisdom, compassion and grace. I have fallen deep, but from the core of my wounds I rose anew. Now when life is falling away, tiny sparks of light holds me, I bow to spirit, call upon mercy, in silence I pray. I know my weakness, my fragile corners, my shadows and tears. But I also know my strenght and fire, the golden light within my heart, the power of love always stronger than any fear. 

In my youth I chose an education in health and nutrition, that taught me to nourish and heal the body, I had starved for years. In a clouded way there was a whole language spoken in the way, I chose to nourish myself. Gradually I learned the art of healing. I purified my body, nurtured it anew. I gave life to my blood, moved my breath, became a mother of three auspicious children. They taught me the art of unconditional love. To me it was devoted yes to life and the true whispers, I held in side.

I completed as a registered Bach Flower Practitioner BFRP and followed a master path at Tempeldal Living Mastery Centre as well. An ancient whipser of a priestess called upon me to be embodied and unfolded. It was a magical journey, that illuminated the sacred seeds burried within my heart. In the void of longing I unfolded the seeds into a silent rooted awareness more visible and deep. I could no longer deny the burning truth hidden within the core of my being, so illuminated naked raw and yet so granted sweet. 

In every step I had an innermost experience of being held by a sacred presence, the light of God as an intimate sacred bestowed essence.  And so it is today. Yoga is my practice. Art is my medicine. Silence is my prayer. The written words a pure reflection of a my travelling spirit. Sheer solitude, lone but never alone. A dance of light and shadow, an inner joy and gracefully granted bliss. 

With grace and gratitude ...

In the breath of silence I am home.


My innermost sense of who I am is inseparable from silence.