A holy temple can be created anywhere love is present.

We embrace the mystery of silence. The light within our soul. Our bodies are our temples and our hearts the altar upon which we place our prayers. A sacred sweetness. A divine touch of love. A humble abundance to unfold in our lives and presence upon Earth. 

The temple circle is a sanctuary in which we meet and create a safe space for spiritual practice and embodied awakening. In sacred cermonies we arouse the heart and dive into its inherent depths of wisdom. The light and shadow dance.

We heal and call upon the ancient whisper that dweels within our blood, the inner landscape in which we recognize the spiritual promises now ready to be embodied and unfolded by love.

Silence opens the door into the hidden mystery. 

Dear Temple Soul

Welcome in our Temple Circle, a sacred space of sincere awareness and gathering of devoted souls. We let go into a flow deeper than our personal stories and worship each other as divinity in form. 

In sacred cemonies we arouse the heart and open the ancient whiper that dweels within our blood. We come together and remember our divine promises of truth and love.    

The circle is open to all who feel an inner call to taste the depths of silence, wisdom and divine love. In a space of love shame and judgement cannot survive, so I invite you to come as you are, free and authentic open in your truth.

Love lifts in a magical way the veil of illusion and brings us home.


Stay blessed. Let the magic happen. 

I bow to each of you.