A holy temple can be created anywhere love is present.

Our bodies are our temples and our hearts the altar upon which we place our prayers. There is a bond of love in between body, heart and soul, which is not meant to be denied but unfolded in our life and presence upon Earth. 

In a temple circle we meet and create a safe space for spiritual practice and embodied awakening. We invite each other to leave the long hidden shadows, which keep us from living our deepest truth. We hold space, embrace our inner fears and give birth to an awakening of the sacred heart.

We invite each other to lay down all our defences and fears of not being loved. We respect and honour each other; the melody will be an authentic touch of care, compassion and love. Sacred ceremonies will awaken the ancient whispers, which dweels within our blood; we come together and remember our divine promises of truth and love.

Temple Circle

Dear Temple Soul 

Welcome in our Temple Circle, a sacred space of sincere awareness and gathering of devoted souls. We let go into a flow deeper than our personal stories and worship each other as divinity in form. We dive deep into an essence beyond mind and create a safe space in which we allow our true nature to bloom. 

Silently we call upon a radiant alive feeling of grace and inner bliss, which nourishes the seeds that rest within our hearts. We open the door to a life touched by a wise inner knowing of who we truly are. 

In every meet we celebrate life in silence, heart opening cermonies, pure presence and the essence of a sacred meet beyond words. In deep respect we share our journey and invite light to illuminate our inner shadows and darkness. Love lifts in a magical way the veil of illusion and brings us home.

The circle is open to all who feel an inner call to taste the depths of truth, life and love. The language will be in Danish with the possibility of translation into English when needed.

Stay blessed. Let the magic happen. 

I bow to each of you. 


Tempel vows

I listen to you

I do not judge

I am sincere and honest 

I honour and support you

I take responsibility for myself

I ask for support when I need it

I keep what you share confidential

I honour the wisdom within our hearts

I celebrate the colours of our true nature

I encourage both of us to bloom and shine 

Currently the Temple Circle rests to give space for a new creation of art and poetry. At any given interest please stay in touch or connect with me and we will look at the opportunity to start the circle anew.