We are the sacred memory forgotten upon Earth, invisible threads of love are woven into our blood. Below the stars on the golden fields of love, the moon makes us remember an intimate taste of God. We are walking prayers, in circles we dance. Echoes of wisdom sing our song, we mirror the hidden mystery of beyond.  

She is a Priestess

She calls upon rain in the desert, bows to the windy breeze in a storm. In her prayers new seeds are tenderly born. Pervaded by light, like a flame she burns in the night. Dancing with her beloved, close to the mystery of God.

She feels the silent cry of the human soul, the longing and grief, an inner song, a melody of beyond. She has danced with the dark shadows of life, the touch of fire, the bliss of a kiss and the truth of our burning inner desires. Like a blessing she has seen the hidden mystery of God, she knows the true taste of sacred love.

She is a Priestess. Not ruled by religious dogmatic systems but dedicated to spiritual practice, blessings of mercy and love. She is a living holy vessel, who serves the spirit in all. In deep intimacy with the breath of existence she opens the bridge in between the hidden divine mystery and the living human soul. She embodies the feminine essence of magical beauty, the Goddess of wisdom, truth and love; she has a breathing heart of gold.

Her body is her temple. Love is her prayer. Nature is her home. She can be named a seeker, a healer, a dancer and a writer, a teacher, a warrior of heart, a mother and a lover of God. She carries the seeds of creation and mirrors the mystery of love. 

She follows the depths of an inner call, never denying the sound of its voice. She listens to an inner song, moves herself with deep compassion and grace, humble and yet so fiercely like a fire of beyond. She has removed the veil of illusion and is no longer caught by its false images and shame. She knows the One without an earthly name.

She is a doorway. She bridges the unseen and seen, the invisible and visible. By knowing her we know ourselves. She dares to see; she dares to be. She calls us by heart .... come; come closer, merge into love; dare to be free. 

All our prayers will turn stone into dust
Only love remains

Let us remember who we are, dear women and sisters. The blood within our veins, the whisper within our soul, the love by which we create life. Let us loosen our hair, be free, walk barefoot on the grass and touch mother Earth below our feet. Let us embrace our men, be present to our kids, let us give ourselves in the art of love. We are the mystical memory forgotten upon Earth, the memory of oneness, the string of love that opens the doors and brings us home. 

New moon love

New seeds are planted 

The water is love

New moon love

She calls upon the one 

Who breathes within her blood

Come; come hold my hand

Take me to sacred land

Untouched and unbroken

The priestess has spoken

No more questions

Life reveals it all

She listens to her heart

Knows the sacred whisper

The touch of love

The silent moon when it calls

We are called to merge into our divine promises of oneness & love.

Let us honour our sacredness; let us bow to the magical whispers within our blood. Let us dare to be vulnerable and reveal the truth inner of our heart. Let the fire burn and the moon cast a spell upon our spirit. We give birth to our children; we are the givers of life. We are the vessel through which spirituality touches the Earth. We are women. We are sisters. Let us come together and rise.