True healing is planted in the heart of our soul.

An echo of profound wisdom dweels within the essence of Bach Flower Remedies; a wisdom that reminds us of the need to remember our spiritual roots. An inner voice of healing spoken by the truth of our soul.

They were developed by Dr. Edward Bach who through his practice as an admired doctor began to see disease as a physical manifestation of inner emotional pain. He therefore looked to nature and began his studies of plant essences and their healing effect on humans.

Dr. Edward Bach isolated and classified 38 flowers from which he extracted 38 remedies. He saw each remedy as a tool that was able to heal and purify the body and bring it into a deeper alignment with the guidance of the soul.

A symphony of healing vibrations dweel within the essence of a flower. Sweet fragrance and tender melodies that help us to rise above the limited aspects of our personal stories. In the ripples of their subtle touch we bring ourselves in harmony with the inner true nature spoken by the essence of our soul. 

Bach Flower Remedies are completely safe for use by anyone, including children, pregnant and pets. They are natural and non-toxic and can be combined with all herbs, homeopathy and any doctor prescribed medicine.

Unique combinations of the remedies can be created to improve healing. I offer to guide you through the process of self inquiry and will as Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner BFRP be able to choose and prepare tailored personal compostions for use.

Reflections on a late summer evening ...

I still remember the day I discovered the flower remedies, it was short after the early death of my beloved father, which left me in a space of wondering where life would take me. I was pregnant with my first child and with tears within my eyes, I knew that the flower remedies had come to carry me through yet unknown difficult challenges. I decided to educate myself as a Bach Therapist, not only to guide others but also to carry myself and my newborn family into the blessings of harmony and inner peace. By time I was blessed to be a mother of more children and they have all felt the effect of the remedies on their own wellbeing.

Life is wisdom and so is love. To be a mother has taught me more about life and love than anything. In deep gratitude I thank the soul of my children to choose me to be their mother. May they forever be carried by love and the wisdom life has planted within their hearts.