There is call on you to surrender into an inner soulful travel, to awake an alert consciousness of heart, body and soul. You do not have a life, you are life. Do you dare to let the dance of life become more intense and free? Do you allow your heart to be open in love and breathe? 

Let all of you become a field of silent awareness and love. Invite a very intimate, sacred meet; be touched by God. Heal this wounded place where you have closed your heart and turned off the light. Allow yourself to shine so beautiful bright.

Come; life invites you to be with faith and trust in love. Your pure naked being is witnessed by the sky above.


Inner stillness speaks

The inner path of silence is beyond sound. Something deeper speaks. A whisper of a vast silent space in which everything appears. In which life appears; sound too.

The universe is wowen together by divine, silent love. Oneness is a living reality. A living presence. We are not separate from the Earth. We are not separate from each other. On a very deep level we breathe the same breath. It is the magic of life. 

Coherence between the natural rhythm of your breath, your heart and the rhythm of nature awakes a rebirth from the inner world and out. Like being held and embraced by existence and a space of divine silent love. You will be brought back into remembrance of this inner knowing, that you are already home. 

The moment you break down the walls, which have separated you from the essence of being, the essence of life and the presence of love, you will be healed. An awakening from within is an open reality.


The natural state of being is inherent our true nature. It is not something we have to find. It already dweels within as the pure presence of life.




There is a stillness of the heart, a silent awareness waiting for you. A vast silent space which dissolves every limit between you and life. A very intimate divine love which embraces you in your innermost being.


Open your heart


A silent whisper

Calls upon you