Love; when it becomes deep

Brings us closer to prayer.

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene Oil

She planted a well of wisdom within the blood of her descendants. A wisdom of love within the hearts of all who feel an ancient connection beyond time and space. An ancient whisper that takes us into the mystery of unity in between love and the lover, woman and man, the inner marriage of the masculine and feminine in which we become whole human beings integrated in spirit of wisdom and truth.

Her story is told by many. Her voice is a song that opens our hearts and makes us remember the forgotten memories we carry as divine promises within our blood. An echo of wisdom and love that carries us home.

Most of us know the story of Mary`s anointing of *Yeshua with a sacred oil, a tale of love and initiation. Mary, a symbol of the sacred feminine, anointed Yeshua´s feet with oil and her humble tears. It is an act of deep devotion. The way she is received by Yeshua, is a picture of love in its unfolded flower, in which she become one with him and fully merged in his blessings of divine love and wisdom.

In my heartsessions I use the sacred touch of a similar oil, the Original Mary Magdalene Oil recreated by Lars Muhl after intense studies of the Bible. The oil is made by the finest organic oil and plant extacts, and prepared carefully according to the oldest customs and ancient found recipes. The fragrance is unique and I am in awe of its magnificence. Personally it has become a shower of blessings that nurtures my daily meditation, yoga and healing practice.

The Mary Magdalene Oil helps us to open the sacred heart and enlightens our spiritual awareness and clarity. Fear is dissolved, inner grief is healed and the core of our being is opened in a way that prepares the heart for new seeds to be planted. Like a flower that unfolds the seeds will blossom as a lotus that rises from the dark soil into the light. Carried by the eternal love that holds us all in spirit.

Be prepared to lean closer into the pure essence of love.


*Yeshua is the original name of Jesus in Aramaic, the language spoken in his time.



Many sins are forgiven her because she has loved very much.

Yeshua`s words on Mary Magdalene


She knew her inherent silence, the endless space in which life rests before it unfolds, the sacred space in which the spirit dweels and only love breathes.