Blessings of India

Yoga & silent prayers

New unknown pieces of my innermost being are revealed to me when I travel. The landscapes I walk, the souls I meet, the words that are spoken. To meet the world is to meet ourselves, it is all a reflection in which we are mirrored and carried on our way home.

India awakes an experience of being opened by in my depths, the walls I hold in between me and life dissolve and every breath becomes more intimate and deep. The foundation below my feet is tenderly touched, but also shaken into a new way of being in which the naked soul shows its beauty. A raw whisper from within opens its voice, there is no more need to hide the truth of who I am. So I walk free as my soul asks me to walk, my heart comes into rest and I breathe …   breathe into life and presence.

Taj Mahal, a palace of love.

The wonder of Taj Mahal

The light planted before our feet reveals the path we are meant to walk, and I was drawn to Agra to experience the wonder of Taj Mahal, build in the name of love in the 16. century. Bound by its magic and beauty I was amazed. Every marble stone shone with a light of beyond and an imprint of love so deep and beautiful strong. Symmetric lines and engraved patterns carved into the marble stones, carefully and in a way that only made my eyes be drawn into a magical song. Like a fairy tale in front my eyes ...

In all the gathered memories of our life we find small pieces in which we recognize ourselves and the most beautiful memories will always be the ones of love.


Meditation Caves at the Beatles Ashram in Rishikesh.

Yoga & Prayers

From Agra to Rishikesh towards new adventures at the International Yoga Festival 2018. More than 2000 yogis from all over the world gathered in the spirit of yoga at Parmarth Niketan, a big Ashram in the heart of Rishikesh.

Day by day I travelled along in different aspects of an inner and outer world. I removed resistence, inner pain and shadows of shame. Gracefully I witnessed the birth of a new state of intimate awareness within my yoga practice. I felt moved and carried into the depths of unity with my soul, my spirit ...   all I am. The move became poetry and I dissolved into infinity. A prayer of silence, I wished for no more.

Sweet sugar cane fields.

What I love most by travelling is the meet with another culture, new and ancient traditions, the colours of a different life, the eyes of soul brothers and sisters, the kids and the magical fragrance of herbs which fills the air with sweet melodies of abundance.

Incense in the temples and more places at the streets leaves the soul spellbound by a world of beyond.

And the food of India … oh what a joy for devoted vegetarian. Especially in places where original Indian food is served with a richness in colours and taste which made even the most simple humble meal a feast. It only made me admire the traditional Indian kitchen and wonder about its secrets.

More of its knowlegde comes form the Ayurvedish way of living. The science of Ayurveda is wellknown all over India. It is used as a well respected ancient healing system to improve health and the natural alert balance of body and soul. It is a treasure of wisdom and in the kitchen its ancient whispers inspires me deeply. Food is medicine, its true unspoiled nature is love and care for the one its serves.

Raw simple living.

Patna waterfall 

We can visit all the temples of the world but nothing is as beautiful and sacred as mother nature. Patna waterfall was one of those places. The untouched purity cleansed my mind and aligned my soul with the harmony of nature. The walk along the watercourse at raw trails up towards the hills where the water had its source, did not leave my spirit alone. The silence was a blessing and the view breathtaking.

We reached the waterfall and …   I was touched by its magic. The cold water around my feet and the refreshing way I was showered by its vitality. Imprint of life and an essence of love so deep …

I always fall in love in the arms of nature. Mother Earth and the womb of all life. She reveals the true untouched beauty of who we were before we knew our given name.

Patna waterfall, a piece of heaven upon Earth.

I offer my pride

My broken pieces

All inner shame

Judgement and blame

See, I am the one

Who asks for


Come o´come

Divine mother of love

Devoted daughter

Let me drink

Be held by your love

The flow of life

The touch of sacred water



Sacred waters of Maa Ganga 

She reveals all the secrets and unravels all the threads of ancients wisdom woven our blood. She makes us remember ...   She calls upon silence, this inner place in the core of our hearts in which we feel a silent whisper of beyond. Travelling souls and devoted pilgrims from all over the world gather in her presence. Maa Ganga, blessed is thy name. Your water smooths my feet and brings release to my heart. In your reflection I am met by the raw truth of an infinite inner space. I bow and I pray, held by your intimate touch, divinity and grace.

She flows

Rooted in divine force

She flows

She flows and yet 

She remains the same

She enters

The world with her life

Washes away

All darkness and pride

She embraces the heart

By her love

Spoken wisdom

Every word

Is a touch of God

In the rhythm of the soul I call upon an inner wisdom carried by my breath, not mine and yet a pure reflection of me.


Before my India trip I felt like standing at a frontline …   like something new was going to happen, evolve and merge into life. I opened my heart and listened …   small subtle senses of a new expanding awareness within me which sought to be unfolded and bestowed upon those who listen. And I heard the whisper and saw all the signs gracefully given to me: 

”You are forgiven, leave all jugdement and shame, go seek no more, my voice is your voice, speak in my name, be the one who brings a touch of love. Breathe and bow my child, hold my hand, you are the spirit of a sacred land.”

It was moments of blessings. Humble I was touched in a way that set me free. Embodied and unfolded. A devoted pilgrim of love. Silently rooted and yet with a voice. A voice of love. An intimate experience of life, inner bliss, sacred honoured awareness, chaotic fiercely waves in an ocean of depths.

The sacred water left me raw, vulnerable and open ...  and yet with this silence, always alert and holding the space for me to breathe and be. I am home, so safe and sincerely free. 

In the palms of mother nature.