Silence opens the sacred heart into the hidden mystery.

Small subtle senses of a new expanding awareness seek to be unfolded and bestowed upon those who listen. A sacred melody. Visions of love that invoke and initiate the humble heart.

A voice has been given to me. I travel the hidden mystery. The written words and spoken poetry. I dedicate myself to explore a world of beyond. I listen and let my heart be guided deeper into the depths of our being. Softly I witness, what is unseen and needs to be recognised. 

Silence is my prayer. Shades of sacred light. An inner pristine stillness. Untamed art. Poetry and soul dust in my heart. A sacred mystery. Humble and dedicated I walk an unknown destiny. 


Softly we breathe. Infuse love into our lives and uncover the hidden jewels buried in our hearts. A brave venture into our fragile depths. Profound presence and intimacy with our inherent divine nature. Illuminated eyes. It is a sacred promise, by love we rise. 


Let the magic happen.

Blessed be. I bow to each of you.