A holy temple can be created anywhere love is present

In the vision to create a heartfelt space of silence and love, I dedicate myself to explore a world of beyond. I let myself be guided deeper into the depths of our being. I softly witness, what is unseen and needs to be recognised.

We are called into the sacred temple of our own hearts; ancient whispers of beyond are gracefully waiting to be unfolded. Sincerely we listen to our divine promises of Oneness and love and allow ourselves to expand in abundance. 

We are all invited. Come; come. Profound wisdom and stillness of the sacred heart is ready for us to be embodied and nourished by the awakening seeds of love.

Let the magic happen.

Stay blessed. I bow to each of you.


She sang the song of those who loved the Earth. She found shelter in the heart of nature and felt the stars within her blood. She was a drop in the ocean and flew with the winds like a fairy of love.