In silence we breathe & move.

Every sound emerges from silence. Every move and subtle breeze. Even a thunderstorm, a human cry and the melody of a song. A pure breath and the sound of a heartbeat. The rhythm and ride. A pristine innocent nature that dweels within all life.   

Nowhere in the whole existence do we come as close to God as in silence. Only in silence we can hear the voice of God, the pure inner voice within our hearts and the wisdom spoken through our bodies. It is deep inner listening, not necessarily without outer sound, but mere a deep dive beyond. A deep dive into the essence of being from which we move. Move as poetry. A dance of life. We fall. We rise. We practice. We loosen our rigid minds and push the boundaries of creativity within our being.

Silence speaks. Humble by heart we listen. Allow ourselves to be initiated and kissed from within. Suddenly we remember the pure essence of who we are. Held by silent depths of innocence we move anew. We practice and embody our inner true nature. Like a silent dance or wordless poetry spoken into life. An innermost taste of love and intimacy. 

Move in Silence.

Move in Silence is a silent and free flow of embodied prayer inspired by vinyasa yoga and dance. The aim is to move in alignment with the inner language spoken from within. It is deep inner listening. A silence beyond words. To uncover the truth of our inherent divine nature. In every move we breathe. Purified. Touched by spirit and free. 

To taste life in its sacred depths has always been my innermost longing.  A prayer of leaving nothing left untouched as I explore the magical beauty of life. 

Deeply inspired by the art of yoga I practice and let myself be touched from within. Every move, every asana is carried by the breath. Like a silent breathing anchor that holds me close to life and its pure intimacy. A sense of bliss and embodied poetry. Chaotic waves and yet pure pristine divinity.

In silence recognize the essence of my being, the sacred roots of existence that breathe through me as a raw sweetness of love. Depths of stillness. An inner alertness. A sense of eternity. An omnipresent God.

Raw rocks & nature at the island Tilos, Greece.

Our bodies are our temples upon Earth. In every move and breath we breathe spirit into life. It is a sacred silent flow. A fire of emotion. Moving prayers. Passion, love and devotion.  

In my practice I seek to purify every corner of my being. The darkness within my heart and along the spine. Like the leaves fall from the trees in the winter and bring the core of nature into rest, I let old leaves and deep rooted pain stored within my body fall to the ground. A move of redemption in which I find a sacred rest so profound.

I bring the core of my body into rest. Give space for new seeds to be planted. New visions to bloom. Soft in my shape. Untamed and free, I allow myself to breathe. Fragile and yet so strong. Rooted in humble devotion, an inner sacred song.  

Ocean breeze & the Egyptian sun.