The way we move is poetry.

Yoga opens an intimate and deep experience of body, heart and spirit. We explore, how we by every breath are moved in a magical new way. By the flow of an inner divine force we become more flexible and able to hold ourselves anew.

In the depths of our practice, we explore a silent space within, which allows us to be present and deeply aware of all our senses. We purify every corner of our being; we breathe; fiercely strong and yet soft and heartfelt open.

Yoga helps us to release old seeds and patterns, which are stored deep within; patterns which often hold us caught in, what we no longer need. We face the darkness within our hearts and along the spine, and we are invited to heal and release it all by our breath.


 Yoga serves as a mirror in places where we used to be blind.

To me yoga is a tool that brings me home. In my practice I witness how pain and deep rooted wounds within body, heart and spirit are released. A silent peaceful presence arises and expands my inner joy and bliss.

By every breath I become more authentic present and aware; I taste an intimacy with all life and my own divine nature. My body moves into an inner temple in which I arrive home. Soft rooted in love, touched by the raw truth of my inner nature.

To merge within a humble silence so deep. To be embraced and held by love. An inner kiss. Completely alert in a state of no coming; no going, just pure being. I rest and pray. am home.

Vinyasa Yoga Flow