The Heart of India

A spiritual journey in the land of many souls 

I was called by unknown whispers, called to visit India without knowing what it would bring me. I travelled alone without being alone, challenged my deepest fear. Like an invitation, a deep dive into existence in a way I somehow knew was needed, to be able to let life enter the deepest core of my being. 

Lotus Temple in New Delhi.

Humble I face the light and shadows of who I am. Waves of past and future merge into presence and reveal newborn whispers within my heart. I surrender. Life takes me by hand and guides me deeper into unknown places in a land, where the spirit sings its song on every corner, and the fragrance of insence softens our devoted praying hearts.

It was in a circle of love friends kindly met me and showed me the pride of India. The kindness and hospitality shined within their eyes and the art of worship was breathing within their blood.

But I also met the challenges in the roots of existence, when the hunger in the eyes of a child caught my wandering awareness.

In an abundant world with seeds enough to make not only nature but all of us bloom, please ...   this should not happen. In our hearts we all know this. In our hearts we all know love. In the circle of life we are all one.

Villages at Mussoorie.

From New Delhi through Haridwar to Dehradun. Days among friends and marvellous bike rides in Mussoorie, where my spirit tastes a touch of heaven. The magical breeze of mountain air and a views so beautiful, that all of me dive into auspicious wonders, beautifully spellbound by the adventure before my eyes. I fall in love with Mussoorie, just as deep I fall in love with life anew. The door opens and life enters. I feel the move of new waves within my blood, an echo of a long forgotten melody in the ocean of my soul.

Breathtaking mountains, Mussoorie.

Illuminated by love life transforms into bliss

Travelling along into the heart of Rishikesh, the ”Yoga Capital of the World” I spent precious days and deep moments of reflections. Ashrams and spiritual seekers on every corner. The fast flowing Ganges surrounded by the marvellous view of hills, temple bells and the ritual evening Ganga Aarti at Parmarth Niketan, that gathered so many local Indian people as well as tourists and travelling pilgrims.

Silently I walked. My steps became meditation and the voice within a whisper of words I no longer could express.

Maa Ganga at Rishikesh.

A little by destiny I came in touch with a humble yoga place and days of practice. The sound of mantras and the fire of temple rituals awoke me, as I moved deeper into my practice. Every pose became a meet with an opening as well as my tendency to pull myself back from life, and somewhere I found myself in between.

Maybe that is the most precious gift of yoga, it opens the heart and breaks down all the defenses we build around ourselves. It opens the gate of love and makes us merge into its presence. We come to the wisdom that love is the pure essence of what we are.

I spend hours at the banks of Maa Ganga listening to the sound of holy water. Day by day I lean closer and closer into the divine life force, that makes the grace of Ganga flow. In awe I recognize the same flow of life within my own sacred blood.

We are never separated from life and the core of its breath. Through the heart we merge into its bliss. As an innate quality in our inner pure essence, life is what we are. Let us not be deluded by false identities. On the edge of life in the sacred void of existence, we are all children of the same sun and love story upon earth. 

Sacred flow of Maa Ganga.

Deeply touched and behold by mercy and love, compassion and care I found myself deep rooted in the palms of life. And so silent I became. How could I express an experience beyond mind, how could any word reveal the gratitude I felt in this deep intimate love affair with life and the touch of God. I was the same and yet so new, I was carried and still my steps were mine.

I had tears in my eyes when I left India and the hours at my flight was with feelings which came from the depths of gratitude. My heart was overwhelmed by the touch of divinity and love.

Come; be in me

Breathe the holy essence into my blood

Come; be in me

Be in me as I am in you

Sunset at the banks of Maa Ganga in Rishikesh.