A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


In the land of wisdom

We travel along

An inner journey

A sacred song

Fields of darkness

Become illuminated by light

We find shelter in the rain

A love that forever remains 

The answer dweels 

In the depths of our soul

In the land of milk and honey

Held by memories of pure divine gold

Heart Session

Healing begins in the heart.

We are all born with open innocent hearts bestowed by divine love and grace. A pure birth of whole hearted souls who enter human life to bring light upon earth. In our first breath we remember, we remember our divine ancient roots and know ourselves as beloved children of a divine eternal light. Naturally we know how to love and be loved, it is an innate profound quality rooted deep within our hearts.

The essence of my vision is to make you remember. Together we journey along into your inner divine landscapes and invite you to remember, who you are in truth. Your sacred roots and chosen destiny.

We unravel all the threads of inner wisdom, heal and invite your wounded heart to open anew. So fragile and yet so strong. In the silent light of love old patterns of fear are left behind. Your vulnerability is your authenticity and strength by which you rise.

The tools I use in a heart session is a dance of a deepening conversation, yoga therapy, silent healing, sacred oil and ceremonial heart initiations. Additionally, I offer well balanced nutrition and health advices supplied with carefully seleted flower remedies to take home for further healing.

My honour is to create a sanctuary in which you feel safe to travel along, heal and visit the inner landscapes of your soul. In a space of love we water and purify the auspicious inner seeds now ready to be unfolded.

And see ...   a stillness comes into birth, a silence that shines like pearls in the eye of your being and expands the light within the inner temple of your sacred heart.

You are called. You are loved. You are home. 




In person:  90 min.  900 kr. / 120 €

Online:  60 min.  600 kr. / 80 €

All sessions are inclusive one bottle of personal selected flower remedies to take home for further healing. Single bottles of personal selected flower remedies can be ordered independently:

110 kr. / 15 €  + shipping