Silence is prayer

There are so many ways to kneel and kiss the mystery of life. In the silent depths of our spirit we find the true pearls of love meant to be embodied and unfolded as beacons of light. 

My passion is to embrace the mystery of silence, infuse life with love and unfold the sacred whispers of truth buried within our soul. 

Our only purpose is love. An art of devotion. Ancient memories. Divine promises. Tender reflections of the Moon and the sheer true nature of an omnipresent God. 

We are all born with open innocent hearts bestowed by divine love and grace. A pure birth of whole hearted souls who enter human life to bring light upon Earth. In our first breath we remember, we remember our divine ancient roots and know ourselves as beloved children of a divine eternal light. Naturally we know how to love and be loved, it is an innate profound quality rooted deep within our hearts.

The essence of my vision is to make you remember. Humble I journey along with you into your inner divine landscapes and invite you to uncover who you are in truth. Your sacred roots and chosen destiny. 

We travel the hidden mystery. Ancient memories of light. Illuminated by the sacred gold buried within our soul. Love is the anchor. The heart is the altar upon which we place our prayers. An inner temple of light that serves you in your innermost thirst and longing. The sacred water of life. The pure breath of who you are. In truth and innocence. 

And see ...   a stillness is carried into life, a silence that shines like illuminated pearls in the heart of your being.

You are called. You are loved. You are home. 

Silence opens the door into the hidden mystery.

Time has come to build temples not only in the world but in our hearts as well. 

Heal in Silence 

As a devoted pilgrim and traveller of the human soul, I am offering a safe sanctuary in which you are held, guided and nurtured into the mystery of silence, the sacred chamber of the heart and beyond. We dive deep into the adventure. Beyond the patterns of the mind and into silent space. An inner sacred stillness. The essence of who you are. 

We soften the wall that guards the heart so tight that you can no longer breathe. We pour love into your emotional wounds and purify what is numb and dusty. The dark corners of despair. We remove the veil of illusion that holds you as prisoner in patterns of inner violence, trauma, agony and grief. The echo of painful stories fades away. Only the purity of love will forever stay.  

Held by the palms of love I travel along with you and call upon transmissions of light to heal and illuminate the heart. New threads of love and light are woven into your spirit. Softly you allow life to breathe and bloom anew.  

We meet in person or online. Healing is possible beyond distance so in convenience of your own home, an online Heal in Silence session can be just as sincere and deep as a meet in person. The key is to bring an innermost yes to be healed and receive the blessings showered upon you. 


In person 90 min. 900 Dkr      Online 60 min. 600 Dkr 

In person sessions take place in Vejle or in convenience of your own home. Keep in mind that travel expences may be added. Online sessions are paid upon booking. I offer a short free clarity call before all sessions to shed light upon your issues and wish for healing. Feel free to send an inquiry for further information. Let the magic happen. 

Temple Circle 

A temple may arise any place love is present. 

  • Temple Circle
    Cermony & Initiation